Absurd Humanist Manifesto


A work of personal expression, no matter the artistic merit, is like an open wound, and thus needs to be dressed in a way to not infect others, but to show that you are surviving, that you will continue to survive, and that others can as well.

Literalism has literally no say in artistic expression.

It falls upon the artists to either make the normal interesting or the interesting normal.

Give the audience what they want. Unless they want the wrong thing, then given them what they need in a way that makes them want it.

Aesthetic rules exist for a reason, but there are a rash of amateurs who cling to them as their one and only guide. Therefore the only rule is to cast aside all rules except those that you need at any given time.

While it is important to know why you're casting aside those rules, it is even more important to know why you're hanging on to the others.

It's okay to have fun.