'God the Father' at Atlanta Fringe Festival

This year the Atlanta Fringe Festival has decided, for some merciful reason, to loosen its standards enough to include my very first audio play, an adaptation of God the Father (the original of which can be read right here), in this years Fringe Audio selections.

You can listen to my show here (and you should, multiple times, before getting all of your friends, family, and loved ones to do the same)*, but be sure to also check out the other selections as well. Just, you know, not as many times as mine.

And if you're in Atlanta, be sure to hit up the festival proper over the weekend of June 4th - 7th. This is one of my favorite local events, and it just gets bigger and more exciting every year. I'm truly honored to finally be a part of it.

- cs

*And if you're, like, super inclined to do so, you can donate to individual shows, but my Midwestern upbringing makes me much too humble to ask you to do so outside of an obscure footnote.